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    Pink and Floral – The Combination of Spring

    It’s officially spring! The grass is turning green and there are buds on the trees! I have been really busy preparing for this season and all the exciting things that are coming! ūüėČ

    When I think of spring, I think of flowers and the color pink. When combining these two items, you get this beautiful dress that is perfect for the season! This dress is from Neesee’s Dresses. They are an online boutique specializing in beautiful modest clothes!

    This maxi dress is absolutely stunning! I love the beautiful flower print and the pink color is super girly and fun! I love the 3/4 length sleeve and the comfort of the elastic waist. Continue reading…


    Classy Neutrals For Spring

    I love to look dressy and sophisticated.  If I could dress like I was going to a fancy party everyday, I would. In reality, I wear clothes that are comforatble and work well for my job as a nanny or days spent doing custom sewing. When I do dress up on weekends, I like to look my best!

    Neutral and light colors are great choices for when you want to look your best. Gray, white, pastel pinks, and purples are some great light and neutral colors for spring! This dress from Downeast is the perfect color and style for spring. Continue reading…

    Boho Chic

    There are two styles that I really love: Classy and Boho. It is an odd combination as one is all about elegance while the other is based on comfort and freedom.

    While I was figuring out what to write about in this post, I came across the question “What is the definition of the Boho look?” Boho is short for Bohemian, and the Bohemian look focuses on free and flowing clothing. ¬†The first people to wear Bohemian clothing were gypsies in France in the 18th century. In the 1920’s, America adopted the Boho look and used its concept to create the flapper dress. Since the 20’s, America and the world has continually gone back to the loose fitting, soft, and super comfortable clothes now known as the Boho “look”!

    Continue reading…

    Classy Wild Print with JunieBlake Dress + Giveaway

    Spring will be coming soon. ¬†I’m ready for the warmth and the change from winter to spring clothing! I could really use the sun as well!

    I like fun prints and patterns! They bring some creativity to your wardrobe! I have never own any animal prints. I was excited to received this leopard print dress from Shop JunieBlake with Liz. ¬†It¬†added some wild side to my closet. Continue reading…