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Sewing With Art Gallery- Easy Tee!

I think one of the most important things needed in anyone’s wardrobe is a basic tee. It is versatile and easily dressed up or down. I recommend when you find a tee that fits you well to buy it in all the colors and patterns. What should you do on the day that you can no longer find it? You can make your own favorite basic tee so that you won’t have to worry about finding a new style or fit!

I’m collaborating with Art Gallery Fabrics to bring you easy tutorials to help you create a great fall wardrobe! Today’s tutorial is a basic tee! It is super easy to make and takes less then an hour. I made mine with Unn Cross Pine Knit. This comes from their latest collection designed by Pat Bravo. The collection is called Heartland and all of the prints are gorgeous! ! This is high quality fabric and the color is great for a fall shirt!




Follow along to create your own Easy Tee!

  1. Find your favorite tee, one that is loose but it still fits nice.  Lay out the t-shirt on a piece of paper. If you need to tape paper together to create a piece large enough, that is okay. Trace around the shirt. When you get to the sleeves, don’t trace around them, but along the seam between the sleeve and the body of shirt.   Now trace the sleeve. This blog shows a great way how to create a sleeve pattern!

You will now have two pattern pieces as shown in picture #2 below.


2.   Cut two sleeves on the grain line as shown in picture #2.


3. You are going to create the shirt bodice to have a slight high low hemline. To do this take the pattern piece that you cut out and lay it on a big piece of paper. Trace out two of them, but do not cut yet!  One will be your front and one will be your back.  The front piece you are going to measure 4″ down from the center of the bottom, mark the fabric as shown in picture below. You are going to do the exact same thing to the back bodice but go 7″ down instead. Then from the sides you are going to create a curve. I used a french curve to create mine but you can do it free hand or find a object that will create the curve ( To make this easier, do one side then fold in half to cut out so both sides are exactly the same.)


4.  You may now cut out the pieces! Cut on the grain line as shown in picture below.



5. From this step, its a downhill slide! Sew the sides and shoulder together with a 5/8 seam allowance. Make sure the right sides (the sides with the print) are together!  Since it is knit, use a serger or use a zig-zag stitch. (If you have any questions about sewing with knits you can ask me question in my comments!)


6.  With right sides together, sew the sleeve sides with a 5/8 seams allowance. Then hem the sleeve with a 1/2″ hem. ( Here is how to hem knits!)


7. Attach sleeves to shirt again making sure to put right sides together. You are going to match up the sleeve seam with the bodice side seam. Use a serger or zig-zag stitch.


8. Hem the bottom of shirt. Since it is curve you will only fold it over once. I serged mine then folded it but since its knit you do not have to serge it as it won’t unravel. You will fold it over 1/2″.

9. Hem the neckline by folding it over with a 3/8 hem.

Now you are done with a basic shirt that is super cute!

The nice thing about this basic tee is it can be worn in many different ways. Pair it with a cardigan or wear it with a skirt!



 This knit fabric makes the shirt all the better! Great quality and soft feel is just two of the many great elements of this fabric!

I would love to see your basic tee! Create one and then post it on social media with #lauraannshometee! Can’t wait to see!


This blog post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics

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